Partition & False Ceiling

We, Sree Manjunatha Fabricators supply partitions & false ceiling by using UPVC multi-cavity 50 x 50 2.5mm frame suitably reinforced and welded in corners and paneled by 20mm x 116mm x 1.2mm panels with EPDM Gasket & Glass bead with provision of door shutter partition glass, windows (turn/Sliding) and roofing of 20 x 116 x 1.2mm panels with truces, supports, etc. This product range is available at reasonable prices with attractive sizes and colors. All the items supplied are durable, light in weight, portable and made out of superior quality material. Due to lightweight, our false ceilings are very easy to install. They can be used for multiple applications. Ceiling can be done by using 20 x 116mm x 1.2mm multi-cavity UPVC panels jointed Toung & Groove method and fixed on suitable hanging structure. False ceiling is largely used in hotels, cinema theaters, residence and air-conditioned rooms. This product array is waterproof and resistant to fire, mild acids, alkalis, termites and fungus and other harmful chemicals. Our customers never face any trouble of rusting, jamming, warping, bending, splitting, cracking or rotting with our superior quality products. Being of rigid vinyl, the thermal conductivity of false ceiling is very low. High degree of sound insulation can be achieved by use of glass wool sandwiched between two layers of sections.