UPVC Windows

We supply durable and superb quality UPVC Windows. Our windows are famous for their exclusive look and affordable prices. We offer unique designs and colors of this product range. We are one of the leading organizations supplying such products in several verities. Our UPVC Windows product varieties are as follows

Turn Windows

Single or multi shutter turn windows are made out of UPVC multi-cavity frames sections of 50 x 50 x 2.5mm suitable reinforced and welded in corners and double multi-shutters division are made by using shash mullion having 50 x 64 x 2.5mm multi-cavity UPVC section, suitably reinforced with G I and shutters are made out of 50 x 64 x 2.5mm UPVC section, reinforced and welded in corners with EPDM Gaskets provision for Glass and for air tight at frames and outer side of shutter with single glaze or double glaze window shutters and using suitable glass bead with perfect hardware like hinges, handles, stays, ect. Some partitions of windows are available with fixed glass as well as louward, as per the design. Top hung window shutter are also provided according to customers requirements.

Louward Windows

We supply Louward windows which are made out of frames section 50 x 50 x2.5mm multi-cavity section suitably reinforced by G I and welded in corners and louward glass can be fixed on Aluminium louward blades. These windows are suitable for W C / Bath etc.

Sliding Windows

Three track sliding windows are made out of multi-cavity section having 97 x 43 x 2mm multi-cavity section suitably reinforced and having upward projection for sliding of shutter and Nylon rollers and having slope for draining rain water outside and welded in corners with shutter made out of 57 x 31 x 2mm multi-cavity section having provision for nylon rollers fixing and glass fixing with EPDM Gasket with glass bead and welded in Corners with suitable locking system and handles, etc complete. These three track-sliding windows are very suitable for use and long lasting at best economical price and can replace Aluminium. The outer shutter also can be used by mosquito nets to prevent entry of mosquitoes.